Russian Circles & King Woman Live Review at Echoplex, Los Angeles // MXDWN 

Full review by Matt Matasci via MXDWN

When it comes to instrumental metal, there are few peers to Russian Circles. To perform music within this genre is to be teetering on the edge of tediousness. There is beauty to be found in groups like the Chicago trio and their ability to hold listeners’ attention not just over the course of a full-length album, but an entire hour and a half headlining live set. Russian Circles’ set at Echoplex, with the large club filled with a mix of indie-leaning hipsters and metalheads, was proof positive of their skills. Through 10 songs and well over an hour on stage, they alternately pummeled and dazzled with their hypnotic, churning, pounding post-metal.

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Russian Circles Photos @ The Biltmore Cabaret // Concert Addicts 

All photos by Lukas Holt via Concert Addicts

Chicago based instrumentalist’s Russian Circles sold out the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver on a Monday night. The venue has a low stage, barely a foot off the ground and viewing angles from all around, if you can get to the front. The trio came on to a dark, back lit stage ready to awe the crowd. Their sonic intensity rumbled the venue opening with their head-banging 2008 track ‘Station‘.

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