Brian Cook - Bass - 2009 - Present

Brian Cook is the bassist, baritone guitarist, and keyboardist for Russian Circles. He also played in the bands Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, and Roy. He has served as a session player for records by Mouth of the Architect and Mamiffer and is currently an auxiliary contributor to Sumac. In addition to playing music, Cook is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Stranger, Noisey, Portland Mercury, and Alarm. He self-published his debut novel, The Second Chair Is Meant For You, in 2014. He was voted Best Dancer in his 6th grade yearbook, which, if you've ever seen him dance, was obviously a joke by his classmates. Cook currently lives in New York with his husband Reno. 

Brian Cook's Gear Thanks go to:
Verellen Amplifiers
Ernie Ball Strings

Brian Cook Rig Rundown

Every Record I Own - Day 268: Crass Penis EnvyDid anyone really... 

Every Record I Own - Day 268: Crass Penis Envy

Did anyone really like Crass upon first listen?

As a teenager, I was initially drawn to their logo—the weird ouroboros / cross / swastika emblem that seemed nearly as ubiquitous in punk culture as the Black Flag bars. I expected circle pit tempos, beefed up guitars, truncated songs. So I bought a cassette copy of Stations of the Crass without hearing a note of their music and spent countless hours in my bedroom trying to make sense of their militaristic…

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Every Record I Own - Day 267: Craft White Noise and Black... 

Every Record I Own - Day 267: Craft White Noise and Black Metal

We were somewhere between Edmonton and Saskatoon on Russian Circles’ Canadian tour earlier this year when our drummer saw the announcement that Craft had a new album available for preorder through Seasons of Mist. We all immediately pulled out our phones and spent the next hour trying to process our orders while data roaming in the middle of nowhere. I thought maybe my international phone plan sucked, but apparently everyone struggled with the…

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Hey Brian, I’ve been waiting for Russian Circles to come back to Australia since Guidance came out, but seeing you guys have started the next record I think it’s probably fair to see we won’t see you  

Australia is tough. Aside from being a brutally long flight just to arrive on y’all’s shores, we then have to fly to roughly half the shows, and flying means prepping two big fuckin’ pedalboards, two guitars, a bass, a baritone, a synth, a shit ton of cables, cymbals, snare, miscellaneous drum stuff, merch, and our personal stuff for travel on a nightly basis. It’s pricey and exhausting. 

We’ve also had trouble with Australian booking agents. On our first tour, the agent cut corners and overloaded our…

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