Brian Cook - Bass - 2009 - Present

Brian Cook is the bassist, baritone guitarist, and keyboardist for Russian Circles. He also played in the bands Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, and Roy. He has served as a session player for records by Mouth of the Architect and Mamiffer and is currently an auxiliary contributor to Sumac. In addition to playing music, Cook is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Stranger, Noisey, Portland Mercury, and Alarm. He self-published his debut novel, The Second Chair Is Meant For You, in 2014. He was voted Best Dancer in his 6th grade yearbook, which, if you've ever seen him dance, was obviously a joke by his classmates. Cook currently lives in New York with his husband Reno. 

Brian Cook's Gear Thanks go to:
Verellen Amplifiers
Ernie Ball Strings

Brian Cook Rig Rundown

Hey Brian, I absolutely love your gear and sound and have for a long time. I was wondering though, if you could only use gear that you have never primarily used on tour or owned, what would you use? (W 

That’s a tough call. I’m generally of the opinion that you can make pretty much any gear sound awesome, but it can be very difficult to replicate a specific sound if you’re swapping out all the principle components. So if I was being asked to rebuild a rig for SUMAC or RC, I wouldn’t want to stray far from my current set-up. I also just generally don’t feel inspired by the overwhelming majority of mass-produced instruments. There is nothing more depressing than the Rumble Room at Guitar Center.

So what would…

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