Brian Cook - Bass - 2009 - Present

Brian Cook is the bassist, baritone guitarist, and keyboardist for Russian Circles. He also played in the bands Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, and Roy. He has served as a session player for records by Mouth of the Architect and Mamiffer and is currently an auxiliary contributor to Sumac. In addition to playing music, Cook is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Stranger, Noisey, Portland Mercury, and Alarm. He self-published his debut novel, The Second Chair Is Meant For You, in 2014. He was voted Best Dancer in his 6th grade yearbook, which, if you've ever seen him dance, was obviously a joke by his classmates. Cook currently lives in New York with his husband Reno. 

Brian Cook's Gear Thanks go to:
Verellen Amplifiers
Ernie Ball Strings

Brian Cook Rig Rundown

I’m not sure why I care to know to tbh, maybe I’m too lazy to wait for you to get around to your P vinyls, but did you ever get into Pinback? 

I like Pinback but never got around to picking up any of their albums. Back in the ‘00s, I kept an eye out for their self-titled record on vinyl because I loved “Hurley” and it’s Minutemen-sampled drumbeat. Just looked it up on discogs and learned it wasn’t even issued on vinyl until 2014, so maybe I’ll have to resume my search. 

Every Record I Own - Day 35: Atom & His Package Making... 

Every Record I Own - Day 35: Atom & His Package Making Love

For folks out there that weren’t going to basement shows in the late ‘90s, here’s a little primer on Atom & His Package. The “band” consists of Adam Goren a.k.a. “Atom” (formerly of melodic hardcore band Fracture) and “Package,” a Yamaha QY700 sequencer. With several years lead time on the broader electroclash movement, Goren took his punk songcraft and a healthy dose of humor, wrote a bunch of humorous electronic songs, and began opening shows…

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Every Record I Own - Day 34: At The Gates At War With... 

Every Record I Own - Day 34: At The Gates At War With Reality

Unlike yesterday’s post, this is a record I’ve spun quite a few times. And admittedly, a lot of those spins have been a matter of trying to figure out how I feel about At The Gates’ 20-years-later follow-up to Slaughter of the Soul. Like most folks, my first reaction was that it isn’t as immediately catchy as its predecessor, likely due to its decreased emphasis on dueling guitar harmonies. There’s still a lot of great interplay between the…

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Every Record I Own - Day 33: At The Gates Slaughter of the... 

Every Record I Own - Day 33: At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul

Confession: I have never played this record. Before you judge, please know that I’ve owned a promo CD of this album that I got from my college radio station for over 20 years, and I’ve only owned this LP for a few months. I bought the vinyl at a distro in Karlsruhe, Germany on the last Russian Circles European tour. I was digging through milk crates of records in the lobby of a venue when I spotted this LP and realized I hadn’t ever actually…

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