Brian Cook - Bass - 2009 - Present

Brian Cook is the bassist, baritone guitarist, and keyboardist for Russian Circles. He also played in the bands Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, and Roy. He has served as a session player for records by Mouth of the Architect and Mamiffer and is currently an auxiliary contributor to Sumac. In addition to playing music, Cook is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Stranger, Noisey, Portland Mercury, and Alarm. He self-published his debut novel, The Second Chair Is Meant For You, in 2014. He was voted Best Dancer in his 6th grade yearbook, which, if you've ever seen him dance, was obviously a joke by his classmates. Cook currently lives in New York with his husband Reno. 

Brian Cook's Gear Thanks go to:
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Ernie Ball Strings

Brian Cook Rig Rundown

Every Record I Own - Day 23: Amon Düül II Phallus DeiAmon Düül... 

Every Record I Own - Day 23: Amon Düül II Phallus Dei

Amon Düül II was the off-shoot of the art commune Amon Düül, a collection of musically untrained student leftists who made improvised music at protests and youth events. Amon Düül II was comprised of the slightly more skilled members who wished to pursue a recording career. Phallus Dei (translation: God’s Penis) is the first album for the group and is typically considered the first krautrock album. Consequently, it’s a pretty crucial component to any…

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Every Record I Own - Day 22: American Steel Jagged... 

Every Record I Own - Day 22: American Steel Jagged Thoughts

Yesterday I talked about the American Football album and how their album became an underground success even though the band basically did nothing in terms of promotion. It’s one of those success stories that implies that good art will succeed no matter what. Well, today is a harsh slap of reality with American Steel.

American Steel had a little bit of a buzz going with their second album Rogue’s March, a gravel-throated slab of melodic Bay Area punk…

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Every Record I Own - Day 21: American Football s/tThree weeks... 

Every Record I Own - Day 21: American Football s/t

Three weeks into this project and by now it should be apparent that these posts are, at best, only 50% about the actual music and the rest is about my relationship with the record. So, carrying on, American Football… y’all probably already know what this record sounds like anyways.

I remember it coming out in ‘99 and I remember not investigating it. I associated the Kinsella brothers with Joan of Arc, who were putting out a lot of records and moving further…

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Every Record I Own - Day 20: Aluk Todolo VoixMy post schedule... 

Every Record I Own - Day 20: Aluk Todolo Voix

My post schedule has been off for the last few days as I was on tour in Japan and I couldn’t keep track of what day it was back in the States. But let’s pick back up with Aluk Todolo’s 2016 release Voix. While it’s a natural progression from 2012′s Occult Rock, there are even fewer elements of black metal this time around and more psychedelic grooves. I could see this appealing to people who like Earthless but could hang with more minimal guitar work, or to…

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