Brian Cook - Bass - 2009 - Present

Brian Cook is the bassist, baritone guitarist, and keyboardist for Russian Circles. He also played in the bands Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, and Roy. He has served as a session player for records by Mouth of the Architect and Mamiffer and is currently an auxiliary contributor to Sumac. In addition to playing music, Cook is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Stranger, Noisey, Portland Mercury, and Alarm. He self-published his debut novel, The Second Chair Is Meant For You, in 2014. He was voted Best Dancer in his 6th grade yearbook, which, if you've ever seen him dance, was obviously a joke by his classmates. Cook currently lives in New York with his husband Reno. 

Brian Cook's Gear Thanks go to:
Verellen Amplifiers
Ernie Ball Strings

Brian Cook Rig Rundown

Every Record I Own - Day 47: Avskum In The Spirit Of Mass... 

Every Record I Own - Day 47: Avskum In The Spirit Of Mass Destruction

A colleague of mine recently put his entire record collection on sale and posted the contents online. It was pages and pages long, and by most vinyl fetishist standards it was an excellent collection. Everything you’d expect a record nerd to own was there: The Velvet Underground & Nico LP with the banana skin sticker, the original mono mix of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, all that highly sought after stuff. But the collection was pretty…

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Every Record I Own - Day 46: Avail Front Porch StoriesAnd here... 

Every Record I Own - Day 46: Avail Front Porch Stories

And here we are at the final Avail album. Listening to One Wrench yesterday made me a little sad because as much as I love the band, it’s hard to glean much of the passion and excitement typically associated with the Richmond group from any of its fourteen tracks. Alternately, listening to Front Porch Stories is a serious morale booster and a positive reminder of Avail’s strongest assets. In fact, I sometimes wonder if One Wrench didn’t exist, if Front

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Every Record I Own - Day 45: Avail One WrenchI took Painting 101... 

Every Record I Own - Day 45: Avail One Wrench

I took Painting 101 in college. Half of the class would go on to be art majors. The other half of the class seemed to only be there because they thought it would be an easy credit. Every Friday we had a critique, so we would hang our paintings up and the class would offer feedback on all the pieces. The prospective art majors always got a lot of criticism for their paintings while the business and communications majors would get nothing but praise. It was…

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Russian Circles and Red Fang // Mastodon 2017 EU Tour 


Nov 10 Berlin, DE @ Berlin Huxley
Nov 11 Warsaw, PL @ Progresja
Nov 13 Vienna, AT @ Arena
Nov 14 Herford, DE @ X
Nov 15 Brussels, BE @ AB
Nov 17 Amsterdam, NL @ Melkweg
Nov 19 Stockholm, SE @ Munchenbrewery
Nov 20 Oslo, NO @ Sentrum Scene
Nov 22 Copenhagen, DK @ VEGA Main Hall
Nov 23 Leipzig, DE @ Haus Auensee
Nov 24 Prague, CZ @ Lucerna Music Bar
Nov 25 Munich, DE @ Tonhalle
Nov 27 Milan, IT @ Live Club
Nov 28 Zurich, CH @ Komplex
Nov 29 Paris, FR @ Elysee Montmartre
Nov 30 Luxembourg, LU @ Rockhal Club

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