iamthejer: Eric and I share a common love for about 5 whole...


Eric and I share a common love for about 5 whole bands and @frabbits are one.

When we decided to get married, I got him a surprise wedding gift. I bought one of Scott Hutchison’s limited 7" art prints. The deal was, Scott would hand-draw the artist/song label for you. You could choose, or he would make something up. I explained to him it was for my soon-to-be-husband and that Eric always called every metal band I liked ‘WITCHBOLT’ as a laugh. We had a fun email exchange about it and he said “OK…I’ve got your song title then! You’ll see.”

When the package arrived, he’d labeled the record “WITCHBOLT - TO THE CHAPEL,” as well as included his own personal wedding congratulations card to us…the first card we received. I sent him the photo below and a big thank you, to which he replied thanking us for letting him be a small part of the special day. He wanted to meet us at the next Dallas show, but I didn’t follow up just because it was a sold out show at the Granada Theatre a year+ later…that’s what the other photo is from. Eric took 1 photo the whole show, that was it. I love it.

Thank You for the music Scott, and for being kind. Thanks for being part of our story. I hope you found peace. We will all miss your warm heart. #frightenedrabbit #scotthutchison #owljohn (at Dallas, Texas)

This is so adorable (and given Scott’s passing, also kinda heartbreaking)