Hi Brian, Firstly, condolences on the news of Caleb Scofield's passing. I had the pleasure of having a brief chat with him after a gig in Birmingham in the UK and he seemed like a cool dude. Secondly,

Thank you for the condolences. Caleb and I weren’t all that close, but he was a friend and a lifer in our weird little niche community of heavy music. I interacted with him more in recent years than I did with a lot of ex-bandmates, but more than anything, it’s been hard seeing the wake of his passing in our mutual friends.

The Pitchgrinder is a fun little toy, but it can be tricky to incorporate into a pedalboard. Even the Dwarfcraft folks admit that it’s almost better for the tabletop experimental or electronic musician than the guitar player. But I do use it live on “Afrika” and recorded the weird glitchy solo with it on “1777″. The main trick with it is to always be sure to dial it in before using it on stage because the settings are very easy to knock off track. I find it sounds particularly good with a little delay and/or phaser afterwords to give it a nice synthy Terry Riley vibe.