Hi Brian, afraid it’s a boring bass question. I’m interested in incorporating a Taurus-type bass synth into my set-up. I was wondering how you went about doing that? Any advice would be appreciated! Th

I added the Taurus out of necessity. Russian Circles had recorded “Schiphol” and then we realized we couldn’t really play it live because there was too much stuff happening in the overdubs that we couldn’t reproduce. So the Taurus was a way of adding a fourth member. 

Advice? If you buy an original Taurus, be prepared to do a lot of maintenance on it. If you buy one of the third series models they made earlier in the decade, be prepared to spend a lot of money because they only made 1000. Buy the flight case that comes with it if you plan on playing live or touring with it. It’s too big to fly with, so I often use the miniTaur with a midi-foot controller for overseas touring. It’s not nearly as gratifying to play, and i hit wrong notes on it all the time because it’s so tiny. You’ll want a whole separate amp set-up for it, so be prepared for that too. Ultimately, it’s a lot of extra gear and cabling to deal with, but it does sound great on a good PA. Good luck!