Every Record I Own - Day 320: Dillinger Four Situationist ComedyPart of the reason I’ve been...


Every Record I Own - Day 320: Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy

Part of the reason I’ve been cataloging all these records here is because I feel a little overwhelmed by my collection and I feel the need to weigh the merits of its contents. Situationist Comedy is one of those albums that I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last few weeks as I’ve seen its white spine and dinged corner approaching its day of reckoning. I’m a fan of D4, but when was the last time I listened to this record? I’d wager it’s been at least a decade. It’s not that it’s a bad record, but over the last ten years when I’ve wanted to listen to D4 I’ve always reached for their other albums. I wasn’t even sure if I remembered any of the songs on Situationist Comedy. So why continue carrying this LP around when they have three other albums of high energy, scrappy, melodic brand of punk to choose from?

So I’ve been watching Situationist Comedy approach and I’ve been thinking do I really feel like talking about this record? do i even wanna hold onto it? I finally put on Versus God a few days ago and that kicked off a D4 listening marathon. Even Situationist Comedy, easily their most neglected album in my library, has gotten multiple spins, and every song sounds great. Maybe this record just required an especially long gestation period.