Every Record I Own - Day 284: Darker My Love 2I’ve been back out on tour and pressed for time, so I...


Every Record I Own - Day 284: Darker My Love 2

I’ve been back out on tour and pressed for time, so I haven’t been keeping up with these entries. It’s been a busy couple of years as I’ve been juggling a couple of actively touring bands—something I haven’t done since 2008-2009 when I was touring in both These Arms Are Snakes and Russian Circles. 

It was in those hectic years at the end of the decade that These Arms toured with Darker My Love. It was just a couple of weeks but it all feels a little blurrier than usual, which is a little strange considering I was sober during our run with them. It was a winter tour and I was so nervous about traveling through the midwest and east coast in icy weather that I pretty much did all the driving and kept away from alcohol. It’s strange that I remember so little of the tour… I don’t remember any of the names of the guys in Darker My Love and I only remember one show with them in Poughkeepsie (which was really only memorable because it was my first show with my “bearitone” guitar). A couple of the guys did some time in The Fall and the main songwriter was in an Orange County hardcore band called The Nerve Agents, but I don’t remember much about them personally besides that. I was probably too distracted by my own anxiety to retain much in the way of memories at the time. 

But 2 is a great record and one that I pull out and jam on repeat a couple of times a year. They tapped into the shoegazey / post-punk / Brit-pop revival thing a few years ahead of the curve and they did it with a flair that few contemporary bands can match. Had they released this album in this decade, it would’ve been a big hit.