Every Record I Own - Day 281: Cursed OneI’m hard-pressed to...

Every Record I Own - Day 281: Cursed One

I’m hard-pressed to think of a hardcore band from the ‘00s that’s received more posthumous veneration than Toronto’s Cursed. And to be fair, I think it’s deserved. In my opinion, hardcore got a little lost in those first years of the new century. Refused made it cool to cross-pollinate with other styles and At The Drive In made it cool to be in a big rock band. Sure, there were still great things happening, but so much of the attention got diverted away from the passion of basements and hand-packaged records and redirected towards the blatant careerism of corporate-sponsored package tours and overproduced albums. Cursed was one of the few bands from that scene who never cleaned up or watered down their sound. They were bilious in temperament, pummeling in sound, and steadfast in their approach. If they had a fault, it was that they were clinging to the raw energy and stripped-down sound of ‘90s hardcore in an era when everyone else was trying to show how much they’d evolved past that style. 

I only got to see them once, buried in a bill with too many bands at a shitty rock club outside of town. They were tight and energetic, but it was the wrong environment, and so despite being a fan of their previous projects like The Swarm and Left For Dead, I left the show unconverted. 

But while so many bands fade into obscurity, Cursed remained on people’s tongues. So I had to go back and reinvestigate their material. And yes, I was wrong. This sound might not have been in vogue in 2003, but it’s aged far better than the myriad of the more popular metallic hardcore records from that era.