Every Record I Own - Day 278: Cult Leader Nothing For Us...

Every Record I Own - Day 278: Cult Leader Nothing For Us Here

Apparently, Russian Circles played with Gaza at Burt’s Tiki Lounge in Salt Lake City in June 2008. I say apparently because I wasn’t familiar with Gaza at the time, and I have very little memory of the evening. But what I do remember about that night is that it was an unusually dismal show with a low turnout, likely because it was 21+ and most of the bands on the bill catered to a younger crowd. Or maybe locals just didn’t like going to Burt’s Tiki Lounge. Hell, I certainly didn’t enjoy being out on the outskirts of town in a dingy dive bar with an awkward floor plan. I’m not surprised to learn that Burt’s is no longer around.

In the following years I got hip to Gaza and got to know the guys a little better through our mutual friends in Eagle Twin. And eventually Gaza kicked out their scumbag singer and morphed into Cult Leader.

I’ve always liked the idea that there’s this vicious and dark hardcore band from Mormon country called Cult Leader. Their music feels like a fitting reaction to the white-washed cityscape of SLC. It’s gritty, grimy, callous. It feels like a purge of all the negativity and malice percolating in reaction to the ruling religious paradigm. 

Picked up this debut EP on the Converge / SUMAC / Cult Leader tour back in January.