Every Record I Own - Day 273: Creedence Clearwater Revival...

Every Record I Own - Day 273: Creedence Clearwater Revival Pendulum

Pendulum came out in December 1970. Bayou Country came out in January of 1969. This means that the five CCR records I’ve discussed here all came out in just under two years’ time. Their debut album came out in 1968 and their universally panned final album Mardi Gras would come out in 1972, so while their career lasted five years, the bulk of their output and resulting success occurred in the amount of time most contemporary bands spend supporting one album.

It wasn’t unusual for rock bands to crank out multiple albums in a years’ time back in the ‘60s. Rolling Stones released three albums in 1965. The Beatles released their first six albums between 1963 and 1965. Part of this productivity had to do with the lag time between recording and releasing albums. Pendulum was recorded in November and on shelves by the first week of December. Nowadays, labels generally demand at least 3 to 4 months from mastering to street date to work on press and securing coverage in print media. So in the time a current artist waits for their finished record to hit the stores, CCR was nearly done writing their follow-up album. And while Creedence was viewed as a hardworking touring band, you can look at their touring archives and see that they rarely spent more than a few days on the road at a time. Their creative process was never interrupted for weeks or months at a time to tour. They were basically writing during the week and flying to concerts on weekends.

I am extremely jealous of all this.