Every Record I Own - Day 267: Craft White Noise and Black...

Every Record I Own - Day 267: Craft White Noise and Black Metal

We were somewhere between Edmonton and Saskatoon on Russian Circles’ Canadian tour earlier this year when our drummer saw the announcement that Craft had a new album available for preorder through Seasons of Mist. We all immediately pulled out our phones and spent the next hour trying to process our orders while data roaming in the middle of nowhere. I thought maybe my international phone plan sucked, but apparently everyone struggled with the website. I guess a new Craft album was enough to break the internet. 

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s difficult to write about newer records because I haven’t had enough time to develop a relationship with them. But White Noise and Black Metal is already a highlight of 2018. It maintains the tight, dry riffage of their previous albums but throws in a little additional Deathspell Omega-type dissonance with a handful of ZZ Top fourth-chord riffs. So basically it broadens their vocabulary into both more abstract and more traditional rock territories. Dig it.