Every Record I Own - Day 265: Craft Fuck the UniverseI’m...

Every Record I Own - Day 265: Craft Fuck the Universe

I’m hard-pressed to think of an album that gets talked about more in the Russian Circles camp than Craft’s Fuck the Universe. At this point the elusive Swedish black metal band’s third album is almost as old as our band, and it’s been a constant inspiration on the bleaker, heavier side of our music. While a lot of classic black metal is revered for its washes of treble-bleached guitar, blazing tempos, and grimm lo-fi aesthetics, Craft excel at actual riffs. Granted, the recording has about as much bass as And Justice For All, but much like Metallica’s last great album, what Fuck the Universe lacks in frequency range it makes up for in smart songwriting, savage fretboard awareness, and unrepentantly brutish drumming. For anyone that thinks black metal lacks hooks, look no further than Craft. Hell, just throw on the title track and bask in those wretched guitar trills and troglodyte halftime drumbeats. 

I remember trying to snag an OG copy of this at Amoeba in San Francisco back in 2008 but my friend Sam got his grubby little hands on it first. I had to settle on this cover-less copy Southern Lord sold five or six years ago when they came across some stray LPs in their warehouse. If anyone has a spare cover they’re sitting on… hit me up.