Every Record I Own - Day 264: Cosmic Jokers Galactic...

Every Record I Own - Day 264: Cosmic Jokers Galactic Supermarket

This is one of those supposed “lost krautrock treasures” that’s received a vinyl reissue in recent years. The funny thing about Cosmic Jokers is that they weren’t a real band—their five “albums” all stemmed from some spontaneous recording sessions instigated by Ohr label honcho Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. Legend has it that Kaiser had a bunch of acid, invited dudes from Ash Ra Temple and Wallenstein to a studio to hang out and party, and then hit record when they started messing around on some studio gear. The story goes that Ash Ra Temple’s Manuel Göttsching didn’t even know about these recordings until he heard a Cosmic Jokers album playing in a local record store. The participants eventually sued and Kaiser’s then-label Cosmic Couriers was shut down.

I bought this reissue LP last September at Rough Trade NYC. Discogs has blocked this album from its marketplace, which means it’s essentially a bootleg. Is it a necessary addition to your library? Well, if you like the more spontaneous psychedelic synth-heavy drug-fueled aspects of krautrock, then it’s probably worth your time. If you haven’t ventured deeper into vintage German experimental rock than a few key Can or Kraftwerk cuts, you might wanna hold off on this one for awhile.