Every Record I Own - Day 263: Corrupted Paso InferiorPaso...

Every Record I Own - Day 263: Corrupted Paso Inferior

Paso Inferior is the first full-length album by Japanese doom / sludge / experimental outfit Corrupted. Originally released in 1997 as one track on CD, this vinyl version is actually a 2002 re-recording of the material reconfigured to fit within the format’s time limitations. It’s still basically one song, though the material on Side A fits more snugly into the tortured-slow-heavy realm while Side B is more in the ambient instrumental world.

If memory serves me correctly, Botch was supposed to play with Corrupted and Noothgrush at the Velvet Elvis in Seattle back in ‘97 but my band was concerned that we were playing too many local shows, so we agreed to play under the pseudonym “Turkish Surprise.” Then it wound up that my bandmates weren’t too into playing a secret show either so we cancelled. I was bummed.

I picked up this LP on my first trip to Japan in 2006.