Every Record I Own - Day 262: Converge The Dusk In UsA newcomer...

Every Record I Own - Day 262: Converge The Dusk In Us

A newcomer probably won’t be able to glean the power and importance of Converge from my rambling stories and memories. But I also think that appreciating Converge requires more than some writer holding your hand and playing tour guide through an album tracklist. Appreciating Converge requires some history. You need to understand the role they played in ‘90s hardcore, the way they evolved, the way they stuck to their path at a time when “metal core” had actual commercial potential. 

SUMAC toured with Converge earlier this year, and every night Jake Bannon made a point to introduce the song “The Dusk In Us” by talking openly about his struggle with depression. While there has always been a very visceral and physical energy to their music, there has also been a dark concentrated cathartic angle to Converge too. Some kids might just wanna show up and bang their heads, but there are also people that gravitate towards Converge because their music can feel like an exoneration or an exorcism. Converge never tried to polish their sound to crossover to mainstream audiences. They stuck to the kinds of rooms where they had their own transcendental and transformative experiences as young punters, and they’ve tried to foster a community of like-minded souls rather than appealing to a lowest-common denominator. And listening to Bannon speak, you get the notion that they chose this path because their mental/emotional stability depended on it. 

This album still feels too new for me to attach some broader personal or historical context to it. But it’s a fitting continuation to a powerful legacy.