Every Record I Own - Day 253: Coliseum Sister FaithThe theory of...

Every Record I Own - Day 253: Coliseum Sister Faith

The theory of recapitulation is the idea that the development of an embryo mimics the evolutionary process of the animal’s ancestors. I see a little bit of that idea in Coliseum’s development, which in many ways mimicked the evolution of British punk/hardcore over the years. From the Discharge influence of their debut, to the metal crossover of Goddamage and No Salvation, to the death rock vibes of House With A Curse, and onto the goth/post-punk vibes of their swan song Anxiety’s Kiss, Coliseum seemed to reflect the stylistic shifts in UK underground from ‘77-’85. Chronologically, Sister Faith resides between House With A Curse and Anxiety’s Kiss, and it bridges its predecessor’s haunting vibes to their final album’s electric throb while retaining the propulsive punk spirit of their early years.

I remember picking up this LP at a last-minute Coliseum show at The Acheron in Brooklyn (R.I.P.) during my first summer in New York back in 2013. There were maybe 50 people at the show, but I remember looking around and recognizing the majority of the faces in the crowd. It was my first time in that city where I felt the same sense of community I felt at shows back in Seattle. Where other people get their sense of social engagement from church, civic groups, PTA, bowling leagues, or whatever else people do to fill their time, I always felt tied to community through shows, and Sister Faith is a record that reminds me of how live music can make a new city feel like home.