Every Record I Own - Day 252: Coliseum House With A CurseI’ve...

Every Record I Own - Day 252: Coliseum House With A Curse

I’ve been listening to a lot of Robbie Basho, Miles Davis, and John Cale lately. Bands haven’t been factoring in too heavily to my current listening habits, and I think that’s mainly because I’ve been coming off two years of heavy touring and my ears are just a little burned out on rock n’ roll. But it’s been nice going through my Coliseum records because they’ve been a welcome return to the land of heavier music. 

House With A Curse felt like a little bit of a curveball when it dropped in 2010. The hefty driving riffs are still there, but the gruff melody that occasionally made appearances on earlier records plays a stronger role here. There’s a lot more of classic DC hardcore’s rough-hewn anthems and way less d-beat propulsion. New drummer Carter Wilson is a forceful metronome compared to Chris Maggio’s ballistic playing on No Salvation. Overall, House With A Curse was more subdued than it’s predecessors. And maybe that’s why it sounds so good to these fatigued ears at the moment.