Every Record I Own - Day 251: Coliseum No SalvationI acquired...

Every Record I Own - Day 251: Coliseum No Salvation

I acquired this LP at the High On Fire / Mono / Coliseum show at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe towards the end of 2007. Despite having been friends with Ryan Patterson for nearly a decade, and having worked with him in various professional capacities throughout that time, this was the first time I saw Coliseum live. In the summer of 2009, they would do a short tour with Russian Circles across the South and Midwest. I saw Coliseum a lot on this album.

No Salvation was released on Relapse Records, which was a sizable label leap from their past records and entailed higher expectations for touring and promoting the album. Despite spending two years touring with bands like High On Fire, Napalm Death, and Converge, the album apparently didn’t sell well enough for Relapse to pursue a second album.

Patterson implies that the album initially felt like a disappointment, though fans eventually came around to it. Personally, it’s always been my favorite record of theirs. That might be partially due to seeing these songs performed live so many times, but I think it also owes to where Coliseum was sonically at this point in their career. They had Chris Maggio on drums, and he was just a total madman behind the kit. His energy added a more frantic angle to their music. I also think No Salvation had a great balance of their early hardcore fury, their later melodic components, and their most overt metal riffage.