Every Record I Own - Day 249: Coliseum s/tI don’t remember...

Every Record I Own - Day 249: Coliseum s/t

I don’t remember meeting Ryan Patterson for the first time. Maybe it was ‘97, when Botch was touring with Ink & Dagger, who were on Initial Records where Ryan worked. Or maybe it was ‘98 when we played with his younger brother Evan’s band The National Acrobat. Either way, I became friends and colleagues with the Patterson brothers almost twenty years ago and they have been a constant source of support and inspiration over that time.

Ryan was in a few bands over the next few years, but none of his projects hit me quite like the Coliseum demo that came out sometime in 2003. Perhaps it was because Coliseum was the first band that felt like it was wholly Ryan’s vision. It was lean and mean—a healthy slab of d-beat in an era when I still referred to that sound as “crust punk” or “Finnish-style hardcore.”

Coliseum would evolve with every record, but there was something particularly vicious about their debut album. There are no frills, just straight ahead Profane Existence-influenced political hardcore. This was sadly missing from my collection until it was reissued by Deathwish back in 2014.