Every Record I Own - Day 242: Cluster & Eno s/tBrian Eno was...

Every Record I Own - Day 242: Cluster & Eno s/t

Brian Eno was blown away by the Cluster side project Harmonia, claiming they were “the most important rock band in the world,” and integrated himself into the fold by playing on their lost album from ‘76, Tracks and Traces. A year later he’d collaborate with founding members Moebius and Roedelius on the slab of pastoral electronic ambience, Cluster & Eno.

I picked up this LP last summer in advance of a krautrock DJ night I did in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I felt I needed to round out the selection with a few “classics.” What I thought was going to be a fairly mellow Tuesday night involving spinning records for a couple of hours turned into a six-hour marathon. The bar had been a little vague on the front end, stating that I only needed to play records while there were people in the bar, and implied that things died out after midnight. However, as the midnight hour approached, I was informed that the bar was a popular after-hours spot for local bartenders as it stayed open until 4am, so it only got busier as the evening went on. 

It seems the Williamsburg/Greenpoint bartender scene isn’t too keen on kosmiche musik, as there was a dude who yelled out “this is BORING” during a Popol Vuh track and another dude who’d been drinking at the bar all night that ran up to the desk ecstatic that he recognized “Vitamin C” by Can, even though I’d played pretty much every other Can “hit” by that point in the evening. Granted, this is a bar that usually has DJs play classic rock, punk, or vintage metal, so maybe krautrock wasn’t quite aggressive enough for the regulars. 

As you can imagine, the Cluster & Eno tracks didn’t get a lot of love that night, but I still consider it to be a great record to listen to a 2am after a couple of beers, even if coked-out Williamsburg bartenders don’t agree. *pfft*… and all this time I thought Brooklyn was the epicenter of cool.