Every Record I Own - Day 240: Clouds We Are Above YouClouds was...

Every Record I Own - Day 240: Clouds We Are Above You

Clouds was a short-lived project featuring members of Cave In, Hope Conspiracy, and Doomriders. The band lasted long enough to put out two LPs and an EP before throwing in the towel. They took the more “rock” moments of Cave In, beefed it up with chunkier guitars, and seasoned it with some occasional forays into dub atmospherics and classic rock strut. If memory serves me correctly (and if I got all the initial facts straight), they were supposed to tour with These Arms Are Snakes on one of our last U.S. runs, but there was a division in the band as to how much touring they were willing to do and they wound up splitting up over the rift. Or at least, that’s the version of the story I received. It was hard to be upset with them—my band broke up a year later over a similar decision.

It’s a shame, because Clouds were a great band. “Empires In Basements” reminds me of scrappier heavy Northwest bands like Karp and fits nicely on any riff-based playlist. This isn’t a record I listen to very often, but I’m always pleasantly reminded to give it more attention anytime I throw it on the turntable.