Every Record I Own - Day 239: Cloakroom Further OutRussian...

Every Record I Own - Day 239: Cloakroom Further Out

Russian Circles did three tours with The Region’s “stoner emo” outfit, Cloakroom. The first trip was a week’s worth of shows around the Midwest in the fall of 2015. We’d booked the short run so we could try out a few new songs we were recording at the end of the year. Those songs came out on Guidance the following August, and we invited Cloakroom to tour the western half of the U.S. with us in support of the record. The following spring we brought them to Europe. That was over a year ago.

The last three years feel like a blur. We’ve toured more than we’ve ever toured on an album before. I’ve been juggling with playing in an another band. I’ve moved cross-country. I turned 40 in Mexico City and a few months later my husband turned 40 while we were in Munich. I feel like a different person now from when we did that first tour with Cloakroom. But I like that during the course of that time, The Region’s finest were always somewhere in the picture.

Further Out is a good soundtrack for that kind of reflection. There’s this amplified exuberance of youth in their music tapered by a mature reserve and an echo-drenched aura of nostalgia. They’re a band that sounds like the changing of the season.