Every Record I Own - Day 238: Cloakroom InfinityThe Region is an...

Every Record I Own - Day 238: Cloakroom Infinity

The Region is an area of Northwest Indiana that butts up against the greater Chicago metropolitan area. It’s basically where the poor communities of Chicago’s southside begin to yield to farm country. There was a post-hardcore band called Native from The Region, and for a time in the ‘00s they were the heroes of the DIY scene that operated on the outskirts of the Windy City. I crossed paths with them a few times over the years and I eventually became friends with their bass player Bobby. Sometime around 2014, Bobby sent me a link to a new band he was working on. As is often the case when people send me music files, I had every intention of listening to it, but it quickly slipped between the cracks and I forgot about it. A few months later, a few West Coast friends began posting about this great new band from Indiana. I followed their suggestion and… oh shit, it was Bobby’s new band. And here I had their new album collecting digital dust in my inbox.

Originally intended as a Tom Petty-ish meat-and-potatoes classic American rock band, Cloakroom went to a Codeine reunion show after one of their first practices and decided to scale back on the anthemic rock vibe and replace it with some sad, delicate guitar work and some occasional bottom-heavy fuzzed-out sludge riffs. They’ve been tagged as “stoner emo”, which sounds a little dumb, but if you think of Control-era Pedro the Lion with a dash of some of the more lugubrious riffage from the Man’s Ruin catalog thrown in, then it’s actually a pretty apt genre description.

Picked up this EP at some point during one of the three tours I’ve done with these guys.