Every Record I Own - Day 222: Brutus BurstWe spent the latter...

Every Record I Own - Day 222: Brutus Burst

We spent the latter half of May touring Europe with the Belgian trio Brutus. It was our fifth trip to Europe on this album, and it followed on the heels of our fifth tour of North America in the same cycle. Ironically, we intended to do much less touring on this record, but we had new opportunities offered to us and we wound up on the road more than ever before. It’s been a busy 20 months, and I’m relieved to now have the summer off.

I felt fortunate to end this long stretch of touring Brutus. They’re one of those bands that sounds effortless and natural while also sounding disciplined and unique. There is visceral force in the instrumentation, emotional resonance in their melodies, and a sophisticated attention to detail in the songwriting that gives their music the power of ‘90s DIY hardcore with the sonic scope of the grittier guitar-focused realms of contemporary indie rock. Perhaps the biggest curve ball is that Brutus revolves around Stefanie, the drummer and vocalist who conducts the band from the front of stage left, bashing at cymbals while belting out these epic, forlorn melodies. It knocks the band off the post-hardcore axis, completely forgoing the genre’s common spectacle of fashionable heart-on-sleeve dudes freaking out on stage and instead offering up an electric symphony roaring through half-stacks and 8x10s with a slight woman on the side of the stage beating the shit out of a drum kit.

 This is my favorite song of theirs. Cue the goosebumps at 1:31.