Every Record I Own - Day 219: Grails RedlightThis is another...

Every Record I Own - Day 219: Grails Redlight

This is another recent acquisition, purchased at the Grails / Daniel Higgs show in Seattle this Spring. I’ve had a scuffed-up used copy on CD for a decade, but figured I should drop some dough at the merch table and get a nice copy of this little gem on vinyl.

Even though Grails get lumped into the post-rock category, I like how they always come across as purveyors of a wide range of esoteric music in an instrumental rock format. The opening track on this record is a cover of an old Richard & Linda Thompson song, and from there the band dabbles into various Eastern and Western music forms, always filtering it through their own unique voicing. I also like that there is a loose, dynamic, and expressionistic feel to Grails, which is often absent in contemporary recordings. 

Good stuff made by good people.