Every Record I Own - Day 215: Can Saw DelightAs with Can’s...

Every Record I Own - Day 215: Can Saw Delight

As with Can’s Landed, this was a recent purchase made after writing about the band here for several weeks. Though I’ve listened to Saw Delight a handful of times online over the years, it’s never really grabbed my attention. To be fair, it’s a record that’s often seen as the band’s first misstep—a deeper foray into world music with a new bass player and a new auxiliary percussionist that maintain a tight groove but diminish some of the ethereal psychedelia and darkness of the band.

I’ve been cataloging my records here for nearly a year, and it dawned on me that at this rate the project could take an entire decade. And seeing as how my collection is growing, I could wind up tacking another year or two onto that estimate. Maybe ten years from now I’d have something more profound to say about Saw Delight, but for now I see this record as a challenge—a puzzle to be cracked, a magic eye painting where you’re waiting to see the repetitive patterns reveal their underlying logic.