Every Record I Own - Day 213: Can LandedI kept waiting to find a...

Every Record I Own - Day 213: Can Landed

I kept waiting to find a reasonably priced old copy of Landed, but after spending a couple of weeks writing about Can I decided I just needed to go buy one of the reissues. It’s always nice to get a good deal on a used record, but I’m also a fan of getting a crisp, unplayed copy with expanded liner notes.

I don’t know why I waited so long. Landed falls between the last classic Can album (Soon Over Babaluma) and the publicly reviled but personally adored Flow Motion, so it still safely resides in an era of the band’s career that I enjoy. Landed has a stronger rock vibe than Babaluma’s cosmic spin on latin music and Flow Motion’s Euro disco reggae, which makes it a lot more digestible for fans of the early years. And it closes with “Unfinished”, an abstract experimental track that mirrors its predecessor’s drone freakout ”Quantum Physics” and its successor’s tribal black hole of “Smoke” by filling out the latter half of the album with an exhilarating adventurous instrumental piece.