Every Record I Own - Day 210: Amon Düül II YetiAmon Düül II are...

Every Record I Own - Day 210: Amon Düül II Yeti

Amon Düül II are often cited as the fathers of krautrock, yet I would hesitate to dub them the kings of the phenomenon. I’m more likely to gravitate towards Can, Neu!, and Popol Vuh when I want a cosmic trip, and even when I want to dose my heady German art rock with some pop cultural irreverence, I’m more likely to pull out one of the first few Faust records than Amon Düül II. But we’re talking about a bunch of high caliber artists here, and the strongest album by one of krautrock’s second-tier bands is still gonna be better than 99.9% of the supposed seminal American rock of the same time period.

Yeti is a solid trip: a good blend of psychedelic explorations and focused eccentric songwriting. Been hunting for a reasonably priced copy of this for awhile, and finally found a decent reissue a couple of months ago.