Every Record I Own - Day 208: Guy Clark Old No. 1All my records...

Every Record I Own - Day 208: Guy Clark Old No. 1

All my records have been in storage since mid February, and every album photo I’ve posted here since was taken during the final frantic days before packing up all my belongings and moving cross country. This entry for Guy Clark’s debut record is the last photo taken in our old apartment, and moving forward with this series is going to get a little tricky because only will my gold-ink-smeared dining room table not be available for the backdrop, I don’t even have my records to document. So for the time being, I’ll just have to talk about any records I’ve bought since moving back to Seattle.

I’ve tried to avoid talking about recent purchases here, particularly since anything I’ve bought in the last two or three years hasn’t had a chance to full gestate in my world and consequently isn’t likely to have as meaningful of a story attached to it. But to be fair, I bought Old No. 1 back in January and it already feels like an album that’s been in my collection for years. Maybe it’s just been fitting with the packing up and moving motif of my life. The first track I heard off the album was “LA Freeway”, which is a great “fuck this town, i’m outta here” country song. Along with more melancholic goodbye songs like “She Ain’t Going Nowhere” and “Desperados Waiting For A Train”, Clark splits the difference between Townes Van Zandt’s sad bastard minor-key ballads and John Prine’s humor-as-a-cover-for-tragedy folk songs. 

Bought this at Amoeba in LA.