Every Record I Own - Day 204: Christie Front Drive s/tPeople...

Every Record I Own - Day 204: Christie Front Drive s/t

People really loved Sunny Day Real Estate back in the ‘90s. I liked them too, but I quickly got burned out on the first two records, and I had little patience for the hordes of emo bands aping Diary. Denver’s Christie Front Drive was one of the few bands that did a similar quiet-loud/clean-distorted/sad-hopeful thing in a way that felt genuine and fresh, owing to the fact that they developed their sound before Sunny Day released their debut full-length. 

Christie Front Drive’s self-titled album came out in the midst of the Sunny Day fever but somehow didn’t garner as much attention as groups like Texas Is The Reason. Some of that may have been deliberate on the band’s part. I recall hearing a story about Capitol Records courting Christie Front Drive and being met with disinterest. So Capitol’s A&R team asked the group if they knew of any other bands like them that might be open to the idea of a major label contract. “I don’t know,” one of the band members replied, “maybe try Jimmy Eat World?” And shortly afterwards Static Prevails came out on Capitol.

A lot of ‘90s emo did not age well, but Christie Front Drive never seemed melodramatic or whiny or textbook. They wrote strong songs with a good balance of grit and sophistication. I imagine they hated the term “emo” too. And that’s why I still enjoy this record.