Every Record I Own - Day 201: Cave In Planets of OldI realize...

Every Record I Own - Day 201: Cave In Planets of Old

I realize these posts are heavy on solipsism, and it’s not going to be any less self-centered today. I’ve struggled to think of what to say about this record, particularly with the recent passing of Cave In’s bassist Caleb Scofield. In all honesty, I’ve never listened to Planets of Old very much. When this EP came out in 2009, it was celebrated by the old school Cave In fans for being their most savage work since Until Your Heart Stops. But by 2009 I was taking Cave In’s existence for granted. They were a band I assumed would be around forever, and while I gave the record a few spins and nodded to myself with a “yes indeed, quite heavy,” my musical interests at the time resided elsewhere.

I listened to Planets of Old for the first time in nine years on a night drive from Saskatoon to Regina last week. I was in the midst of a Canadian tour, and the long drives coupled with the heavy news about Caleb sapped my desire out of writing these posts. But there was also the nagging reality that I didn’t know how to talk about a record I didn’t actually listen to all that often. I had taken Cave In—a band that had been peers and friends in a very crucial era of my musical trajectory—for granted. 

The next night we played in Winnipeg. It’s a city we rarely play because it’s so far off the beaten path and the shows are usually pretty small. This show was in a big room and, at best, maybe a quarter full. But people were stoked. Between songs someone yelled out “I haven’t been to a show in over year.” Someone else countered with “enjoy the band while you can cuz they won’t ever come back.” The crowd was enthusiastic and hungry. And here we had been grumbling about the long drive to play a rough town with a small scene. It wound up being a great show.

Pardon the platitude, but it all served as a reminder to not take things for granted and to appreciate things while they’re here. Planets of Old was a great record by a great band, and I’m bummed it’s sat neglected on a shelf collecting dust for all these years.