Every Record I Own - Day 199: Cave In AntennaI’m keeping this...

Every Record I Own - Day 199: Cave In Antenna

I’m keeping this one short today as we have a lot of driving ahead of us today as we tour Western Canada. Antenna was Cave In’s major label debut, and like so many major label albums from underground bands, it was apparently a contentious creative experience. I remember talking with the band while they were in the bidding war leading up to Antenna, and they seemed pretty adamant against signing with a big label. At some point the offer must have been too good to pass up, but it quickly proved too good to be true. The band was creatively micro-managed and the album failed to take off. Jupiter had been a major stylistic shift from Until Your Heart Stops, but it still felt strange and arty enough to resonate with the underground. But Antenna veered too close to alternative rock for their core audience.

And to be honest, it took me awhile to come around to Antenna. Here’s the deal, it’s my least favorite Cave In album, but as a foray into mainstream rock, it’s a great record. There’s also something I find intriguing about underground bands that dip their toes into more conventional songwriting for one or two records. Cave In would go on to release great records after Antenna, and taking this album in as an experiment in pop makes it a much more engaging and fascinating listening experience. If you passed it up back in 2003, now’s a good time to give Antenna another chance.

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s a good reminder to donate to the Caleb Scofield Memorial Fund to help Caleb’s family recover from the loss of their father and husband. Also, this is a good opportunity to order the vinyl reissue of Caleb’s side project Zozobra, which I’ll get around to talking about here in however many years it takes to get to the Z section of my library. The Zozobra records are fantastic, and all the proceeds go to the Caleb Scofield Benefit. Get into it.