Every Record I Own - Day 197: Cave In Until Your Heart StopsI’ve...

Every Record I Own - Day 197: Cave In Until Your Heart Stops

I’ve been lagging on these posts on account of being on tour.

Last night as we were driving out of LA towards San Francisco, I put Until Your Heart Stops on the van stereo because it was the next record in my queue for these posts. I remember hearing an advance copy cassette of Until Your Heart Stops back in ‘98 and being totally blown away—the musicianship, the songwriting, and the ability to seamlessly jump between these brutal thrash riffs and ethereal space rock were so far beyond anything else happening in hardcore. These 18-year-old peers of mine had completely changed the rulebook. Even twenty years later, it sounds so accomplished, so ambitious, so graceful, and so ruthless.

Botch would play our first of many shows with Cave In later that summer. Over the next few years, whenever either of our bands were on touring through each others’ general geographic region we would play together. Even after Cave In scaled back on their operations, I’d routinely cross paths or play shows with their affiliated projects like Clouds, Zozobra, Old Man Gloom, and Mutoid Man.

This morning I received the news that their bassist Caleb Scofield died in an auto accident yesterday. I’m honestly at a loss for words. I hadn’t hung out with Caleb since August 2016, but he was one of those people that I expected to keep crossing paths with for years and years to come. He was a solid individual and I’m gutted to hear he’s gone. 

I don’t know what else to say.