Every Record I Own - Day 192: Johnny Cash Greatest Hits Volume...

Every Record I Own - Day 192: Johnny Cash Greatest Hits Volume 1

Three friends and I moved into a house in North Tacoma at the end of my freshman year of college back in ‘96. It was a small house, but there were four separate bedrooms and a basement where Botch could practice (you can see a photo collage of the rehearsal space in the American Nervoso layout). Our total rent was $750 a month. As is often the case with college lodging, roommates came and went, and midway through my second winter in the house there was a month or two where my friend Frank and I were the only tenants. The television left with the last roommate’s exit, and we were worried that we wouldn’t have enough money to cover rent and pay the heating bill, so for those dark, frigid weeks we used our clogged fireplace for heat and listened to records for entertainment.

We mainly listened to folk albums and this copy of Johnny Cash’s Greatest Hits Volume 1. The smell of campfire seemed permanently woven into our hair and clothes, but they were good times. I would move into a bigger house down the street in the summer of ‘98, but my boyfriend (and now husband) moved into my old room, so I continued to spend most of my time in that tiny house. After we graduated from college, my friend and occasional bandmate Ben Verellen moved in, and I would wind up crashing in the basement when I was homeless between tours later that year. When Ben moved out several years later, Mike Cooper moved in. It’s a house that just wouldn’t leave my orbit.

There were a lot of great memories at 2918 N. 16th St, including those nights listening to Johnny Cash by the fireplace. I miss that house.