Every Record I Own - Day 189: Canon Canyon Conducted By ThievesI...

Every Record I Own - Day 189: Canon Canyon Conducted By Thieves

I used to play guitar in an indie rock band called Roy. We put out three EPs and two full-length albums, got a bunch of money from a major label without actually having to sign with them, and did some touring. It was never meant to be a serious venture, but it snowballed into a bunch of responsibilities and for a few years it took up a lot of my time. And then one day we all just collectively realized that we enjoyed each others’ company and we enjoyed writing songs together, but we didn’t like playing shows and doing all the other stuff that comes with being a band. We never formally broke up, but we just stopped playing.

We were all busy with other things in our lives and we all gravitated towards other musical projects. Our bassist Mike Cooper started recording and performing under the name Canon Canyon when he wasn’t taking up odd jobs like teaching yoga on a boat dock in Tacoma, harvesting weed in California, designing septic systems, or landing the occasional acting gig in LA. The rest of us had grown up in the hardcore scene, but Mike grew up on the Drag City roster: Will Oldham, Smog, Pavement, Silver Jews, all of that stuff. You can hear it in his music. 

I hadn’t heard from Mike in over five years when he asked me for my address. A week later this LP arrived in the mail, packaged in nothing but an oversized paper envelope. The songs are all classic Mike Cooper: baritone voice over Americana melodies issuing a slacker’s social critique. And in typical slacker style, I don’t think he pushed promoting it, which is a shame because it’s a good record. It’s not even listed on Discogs. 

It’s been almost five years since this album came out, so hopefully he’s about due for a new one.