Every Record I Own - Day 188: Cannibal Holocaust Original...

Every Record I Own - Day 188: Cannibal Holocaust Original Soundtrack

All I knew about Cannibal Holocaust was that it was a supposed cult-classic horror that stirred up some controversy over some particularly gruesome scenes. So I convinced a bunch of my friends to go see a midnight showing at the Egyptian Theater in Seattle years ago. The lights dimmed and a representative from the theater told the audience that they’d provide full refunds for anyone that left in the first thirty minutes. This was gonna be good. 

The movie is done in the “found footage” style of Blair Witch Project with the plot revolving around a camera crew going into the Amazon to film an isolated cannibal tribe. The first thirty minutes of the film are fairly benign. But then the rape, mutilation, and real life animal butchery start. I was anticipating gore, but I wasn’t expecting borderline snuff. People began to leave in droves. One guy even got up and yelled at the audience “why are you still here? why are you still watching this shit?”. We began collecting our jackets and making our way to the aisle right moments before the end credits began rolling.

The movie is awful and disturbing, and the soundtrack somehow makes it seem even more fucked up. There are a few requisite creepy analog synth-driven compositions, but the main theme is this strangely pleasant and pastoral song driven by strings and acoustic guitar. There’s some truly out-of-place funk pieces too, giving this soundtrack an overall sense of wrongness. 

TL;DR version: abhorrent movie, strange soundtrack.