Every Record I Own - Day 185: Can Rite TimeTen years after Can’s...

Every Record I Own - Day 185: Can Rite Time

Ten years after Can’s final album, they reconvened with original singer Malcom Mooney for the 1989 reunion record Rite Time. Honestly, this album hasn’t clicked with me, but Can had a pretty great contribution to the soundtrack to Until the End of the World (1991), so I know there was still magic in this reformed line-up. I think the album just sounds a little too clean and synthetic, like trying to listen to “Owner of a Lonely Heart”-era Yes after basking in Close to the Edge, and it’s hard to shake my general disdain for ‘80s production to actually hear the songs.

But hey, I hated Flow Motion for years, so I’m holding onto Rite Time. Bought this at UHF in Detroit.