Every Record I Own - Day 180: Can Unlimited EditionIt can take...

Every Record I Own - Day 180: Can Unlimited Edition

It can take awhile to fully absorb a Can album. I’ve now owned most of the classic albums for well over a decade, but there are still moments when an old overlooked track will suddenly click for me. Whereas most music begins to lose its luster after a decade of repeated listens, Can is one of the rare bands whose output gets better with each listen. But it also means that it can take a long time to fully appreciate their records. A couple of years ago I slowly started collecting their less lauded records after realizing that my interest in the German band was blossoming into a proper obsession. 

But there’s a lot of Can material to digest, and records like Unlimited Edition—a double album of outtakes from ‘69-’75—require even more time and repeated listens to fully gestate with the listener. I bought this album at the beginning of 2017 while record shopping with @brawnybear and his partner at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. And while this record has brought me joy over the last year, I’m still untangling and absorbing this collection of out-there experiments from a band that, even at their most accessible, were already pretty fuckin’ out-there.