Every Record I Own - Day 177: Can Ege BamyasiI was on some long...

Every Record I Own - Day 177: Can Ege Bamyasi

I was on some long drive through Nowhere, America when my friend threw “Vitamin C” on the stereo. The recording quality and the funky rhythm section made it sound like some old Motown song. But the vibe was wrong. There was something dark and brooding embedded in the melody. The singer sounded a little like Eric Burdon from The Animals, but there was this strange accent that made it seem almost alien. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard Can, but it was the first time I really liked what I heard.

Tago Mago might be the crown jewel of the Can catalog, but Ege Bamyasi is likely the fan favorite and the most common introduction for new listeners. “Vitamin C” shows up in Hollywood movies“Sing Swan Song” was sampled by Kanye, and “Spoon” provided the moniker for the chart-topping indie band Spoon. With the exception of the five-minute abrasive noise fest at the end of “Soup”, Ege Bamyasi is a pretty accessible album, particularly in contrast to the second LP of Tago Mago. It also finds the German group ditching most of it’s guitar-centered rock sound for more exotic music forms, putting further emphasis on the unfuckwithable rhythm section of Liebezeit and Czukay. 

File under: absolutely crucial.