Rig tour: Russian Circles // Musicradar

We find Mike Sullivan with a new amp approach and a plethora of pedals on the instrumentalists UK tour.

As the guitarist in an instrumental three-piece, Mike Sullivan’s tone has to deliver a huge but nuanced sound to be his voice in Russian Circles.

His quest to refine his heavy tones while retaining the cleaner chime and layers of looping required to produce the band’s intricate and emotive compositions has meant a rig always up for revision with three amps and a meaty pedalboard platter in play. But his ongoing recovery from a car accident last year also brought about some necessary changes in terms of guitar choices, too…

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Bill Burr Name Checks Russian Circles

We’re humbled by the kind words of comedian Bill Burr on his 4/20 episode of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast.

Listen to the full episode HERE. (43:40 for RC shoutout)