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5 Things About “Virginia Reel Around the Fountain” by the Halo Benders:

1) The title. I lived in Virginia for 6 years and somehow or another the Virginia reel, a social dance related to the square dance, came up once in a while. My mind always went to this song, and the connection between that line and the Smiths.

2) The guitar. One of Doug Martch’s best solos—he saves the most emotional ones for when they are needed. 

3) “How can that be in your solid state?” Doug knows that “solid state,” as in electronics, is a ubiquitous term that is quite rich when you isolate the words and think about all they can mean. 

4) “I still confide in you almost every day / Even though you’re not around.” A genius line that might have been accidental. There are many ways this line could have gone. First, just the idea of confiding in someone who is not there is a powerful image. It could also be god, who was maybe never around. But the fact that this person or thing is no longer there makes you wonder why. And this line could have been “Even though you’re not longer here” or “Even though you’ve gone away” or “Even though you’ve left me” or “Even though you’re not alive” or a few other things. But “Even though you’re not around” gives this person the benefit of the doubt, it’s a way someone who loves this person and wants to forgive them would phrase it. It also suggests a lack of permanence because it’s so casual—maybe one day they will be around. 

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time fixated on this one line, turning it over in my mind, mapping it on to my own life.

5) This is one of my 50 favorite songs.

haven’t listened to this song in a few years, but in the early years of mp3s it was on every playlist i made. and i have to agree that that guitar solo is unfuckwithable.