Just heard the Sumac album trailer! Congrats on what sounds like is going to be an awesome album. Will you be playing with the band at all in the future or did you just work on the record? Sidenote: I

Thanks for checking out the SUMAC trailer. Hopefully Profound Lore will release some more music sometime soon, but I’m glad there’s been positive feedback thus far for the sixty seconds worth of music that’s been made public. The band’s first show is actually tonight in Vancouver, BC and i will be playing with them. I’m not sure how much touring SUMAC will be doing, and I’m not sure how many live performances i’ll be able to squeeze in. Past experience has demonstrated that I’m not super adept at juggling multiple projects at a time, so I’m more comfortable serving as an auxiliary player for the band at the moment.

Glad you checked out and liked the book!