Every Record I Own - Day 341: Drowning Horse s/tDrowning Horse is a doom band from Perth, Australia....


Every Record I Own - Day 341: Drowning Horse s/t

Drowning Horse is a doom band from Perth, Australia. Russian Circles played with them on our first tour down under and we made a point to play with them again on subsequent trips to Western Australia. Their brand of doom is chasmic—huge swaths of empty space punctuated by cataclysmic chords and layers of noise and feedback. A lot of current doom stuff seems indebted to classics like Sabbath or Saint Vitus or Pentagram, but Drowning Horse are more in line with the dissonant rumbling bleakness of bands like Burning Witch or Grief. Totally tortured minimalism in the form of four songs spread across a double LP.

Perth is the most isolated major city on Earth, so being in a band based out of the area presents a slew of obstacles. Not surprisingly, Drowning Horse didn’t do much in the way of touring and their name never really got out there. I’m not sure if they’re even still an active band, which is a shame because they were absolutely crushing. But I also feel like that isolation lent something to their sound. The negative space between their chords were as wide as the distances between their neighboring habitats, and their timbres as alienating as one would imagine for a band living on the edge of the Western world.