Every Record I Own - Day 335: Darkthrone Under A Funeral MoonAlong with A Blaze in the Northern Sky...


Every Record I Own - Day 335: Darkthrone Under A Funeral Moon

Along with A Blaze in the Northern Sky and Transylvanian Hunger, Under a Funeral Moon belongs to Darkthrone’s “unholy trinity” of formative early second wave black metal classics. Personally, it’s my favorite of the three because it sheds the last bits of the early death metal flourishes that were still present on Blaze but doesn’t go quite so far into the unrelenting tremolo picking and rapid-fire tempos of Transylvanian Hunger. It’s a record that takes a variety of approaches—it lurches, barrels, bludgeons, and blazes. And yes, it still sounds like it was recorded on a walkman in a big empty warehouse on shoddy musical equipment held together by duct tape and malice. 

Darkthrone pretty much single-handedly pulled me out a rut this summer when I was starting to wonder if I’d completely burned myself out on metal, with records like Under a Funeral Moon rebooting my brain by taking everything back to the vicious, primal basics. It’s a fucking great record, and I’m bummed I waited until 2018 to investigate it.