Every Record I Own - Day 331: Don Caballero What Burns Never ReturnsDon Caballero’s third album What...


Every Record I Own - Day 331: Don Caballero What Burns Never Returns

Don Caballero’s third album What Burns Never Returns starts with the same drumbeat that closed their sophomore album Don Caballero II. And to be fair, it’s a pretty sick drumbeat. 

While I was interested in some of the knottier Midwest “math rock” bands back in the late ‘90s—Shellac, June of 44, etc.—I didn’t get on board with Don Cab until What Burns Never Returns dropped in the summer of ‘98. I remember getting ready to embark on the 7-week U.S. Botch/Jesuit tour and our guitarist Dave announced that he’d found his soundtrack for the upcoming trip. Please remember it was the late ‘90s, and we were either carting around a bunch of cassettes or a CD binder to keep us entertained on the daily drives, and that meant each of us typically had a half-dozen different albums we would cycle through over and over again. Dave had been obsessed with Built to Spill on the previous tour, and now he was warning us in advance that we’d be listening to a lot of this noodly, instrumental, drum-centric band from Pittsburgh. Needless to say, I had trepidations.

But I wound up enjoying Don Cab, and while I rarely throw this record on anymore, I often find myself air-drumming that opening beat.