Every Record I Own - Day 329: Dog Faced Hermans Those Deep BudsMy Dog Faced Hermans vinyl collection...


Every Record I Own - Day 329: Dog Faced Hermans Those Deep Buds

My Dog Faced Hermans vinyl collection is a little thin. I would encourage anyone that’s curious about the band to check out Hum of Life or their live record Bump & Swing, but as these albums are in my CD collection I won’t talk about them here. Instead, let’s look at their final studio album from 1994, Those Deep Buds.

For their fifth full-length venture, the Scottish/Dutch band sacrificed the more vicious side of their sound for more sparse and moody compositions. On songs like “Keep Your Laws / Off My Body” and “Les Femmes Et Les Filles Vont Danser”, the band employs the kind of repetitious orchestral cacophony Michael Gira has been trumpeting in his recent Swans output, but rather than delivering it as a series of epic crashes and drones, Dog Faced Hermans found a pulse in various 20th century musical traditions from throughout Europe, with foreign-sounding two-steps and waltzes underscoring their hypnotic throb. There are still elements of no-wave and the more art-inclined anarcho-punk scene, but overall Dog Faced Hermans’ vibe here comes off like some roving caravan of political dissidents taking fragments of their lost culture’s musical heritage and repurposing it into a brooding examination of our modern dilemmas. 

This LP was gifted to me in college. It’s not the best entry point for the uninitiated, but if you can appreciate their other albums, this is an excellent companion piece.